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A huge thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed events at Summerhill Bowling Club this summer. We had a blast hosting a variety of weddings, birthdays, away days and community gatherings! Although summer 2023 wasn't quite the weather we would've wished for, the great company and smiles made it all worth it!

As we roll into Autumn, we're making a few changes to a few things in our community events schedule.

Starting in October, our regular Community Social is moving to the FIRST THURSDAY of EACH MONTH at 6pm

We will be announcing the program schedule for the next few months very soon.

The first Thursday evening Social will be a good ol' fashioned QUIZ NIGHT on 5th October at 6pm!

The Summerhill Life Drawing Group will now meet monthly on the FIRST TUESDAY of EACH MONTH at 7pm

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!


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